Human Resource Management Essay

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1. Introduction

This assignment of BTEC HND in Business management and HRM is related to the Unit 21 which is Human resource management. The subjects of Human resource management covering areas are different between personnel management and HRM, roles of the human resource manager, Human resource planning process, job evaluation and performance evaluation, recruitment and selection procedure, selection technique, reward management system, exit strategies and redundancy. This assignment gives some kind of knowledge about excellent theories of Human resource management.

2. Task One

2.1 Explain the traditional view of Personnel Management and the new approach of Human Resource Management

2.1.1 Personnel Management

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Because of that every employ can identify their duties and responsibilities and they can get some knowledge about their organization too. From giving good training to the employees company can reduce their errors. |

2.3 How HR can make an impact on organizational performance

Economic environment is changing rapidly and this change is characterized by such phenomena as the globalization, changing customer and investor demands, ever-increasing product-market competition. To compete successfully in this environment organization continually need to improve their performance by reducing costs, innovating products and processes and improving quality, productivity and speed to market. The people who make up an organization -human resources- are considered to be one of the most important resources of today’s firms. People and how they are managed are becoming more important because many other sources of competitive success are less powerful than they used to. Parallel to the understanding those human resources are vital for an organization human resource management function is also going up in organizational hierarchy.
The main roles of the human resource manger are Equal employment opportunity (EEO), Job analysis, Human resource planning, Employee recruitment, selection, motivation, and orientation and Training and development. From doing those important roles