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Manage Human Resources Services Report

Strategic plan must be made for all businesses and it is the outline of the business. Human resource services plan, recruitment and selection, learning and development, industrial relations (clarify duty), performance management (help worker perform), remuneration and benefits (maintain appropriate salary), occupational health and safety. All above documentations have to be made along with the plan. Consultation at different level with in the company must be carried out to identify the current needs. This includes senior manager consultation, line manager consultation. To ensure the company goes further, determine higher-level option is important. And once the options are determined presentation skill is used to persuade the higher-stakeholders to approval the plan. Once plan is set, compliance must be ensured. Conducting a compliance audit must be carried out and compliance documentation must be prepared afterwards.

Service agreements must be agreed for both parties before any job or project start. Training needs analysis must be done during the job to identify the needs for training to ensure the capabilities of achieving the organization goals. Quality assurance must be carried out at all times and quality assurance plan must be made to ensure the employees have proper guidelines to follow to ensure products’ quality. Regular performance review are carried out to checking out the employees are meeting progress that job requires. Also to check if there are any issues, we would have time to remedy it. If underperformance is identified base on human resource services plan or service level agreements (SLA). And when underperformance is happening, review of goals and feasibility would also carry out to identify the reason caused the underperformance and discuss about the solutions if the reason is included in SLA, follow the SLA to remedy it. If it is not covered under SLA, extra other specifications has to be make for existing contractual arrangements to continue. Termination of…