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As Human Resources (HR) Director one needs a definite knowledge of the organization’s business goals so that you can plan and put into action policies that will choose, design as well as maintain the appropriate personnel required to fulfill these goals. (bls)
The particular nature of the work activities will differ based on the organization, however they will probably include:
• functioning directly with divisions, significantly in a consultancy position, helping line managers to recognize and apply policies and methods;
• Encouraging equality together with variety within the tradition of the organization;
• liaising with numerous organizations involved with subjects such as ethnicity relations , disability , gender , age , religious beliefs and health and safety ;
• hiring personnel : this includes creating job descriptions , preparing advertising , reviewing applications , short listing , interviewing as well as choosing candidates ;
• creating regulations on things such as performance management, working conditions, disciplinary procedures, equal opportunities, and absence management;
• assisting on wages as well as other salary concerns, such as promotion and also benefits;
• performing regular salary reviews;
• compromising with personnel and their representatives on concerns regarding wages and circumstances;
• overseeing payroll and managing records concerning personnel;
• explaining and assisting on employment guidelines;
• paying attention to grievances and applying disciplinary methods;
• creating , with line managers , Human resource organizing methods , which look at short-term and long-term personnel qualifications when it comes to figures in addition to skill levels ;
• setting up and occasionally providing training, such as inductions for new personnel;
• evaluating training requirements together with departmental managers. (McNamara)
Qualification: Applicants is required to have a Master’s degree, or the equivalent combination of education.
Experience: Must have a minimum of ten years ongoing human resources and general experience with more than five years at the senior management level in a high-volume environment. Experience must incorporate hands-on responsibility for the entire range of human resources activities, both operations as well as evaluation.
Skills & Abilities: Communication skills, analyzing skills, emotionally skilled
Salary: A generous amount is generally provided. An appealing compensation and benefit package is generally given. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) First of all he/she must choose the job that he/she should gather data. Afterwards he/she must choose appropriate planning. To gather data, he/she may use numerous techniques. He/she can go for immediate interviews and questionnaire, group conversation and brain storming conferences, have overall conversation among the personnel, can perform the Job analysis and various methods of Job analysis, or can go for every one of these methods. He/she may perform job evaluation in a number of different methods. These may be any of the following:
Observation methods: he/she can immediately monitor the personnel when they are doing their jobs. As a result of immediate observation he/she can get a far greater concept of the standard job responsibilities as well as duties.
Individual Interview method: in this particular approach he/she is able to interview the appropriate employee immediately. He /she should go for individual interviews and ask them how they are performing their jobs.
Group interview method: he/she would speak to a group of personnel of the identical job or rank and ask them questions relevant to the job duties and responsibilities.
Structured Questionnaires: he/she may create a questionnaire concerning the job and ask each individual about each element of the job responsibilities and duties. Present this questionnaire among the personnel and obtain the useful information.
Technical conference: In this