HNC Administration And Information Technology: Analysing And Presenting Complex Communication

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Peter Provan – Creating a Culture of Customer Care
Margaret Scotland – Analysing and Presenting Complex Communication
Class: HNC Administration and Information Technology
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Tesco Customer Care Strategy Report
Submission Date: 6 November 2014
Ayat Hassan

Terms of Reference_____________________________________________________3
1.1 Internet
2.2 Class hand outs
2.3 Library

3.1 Background of Tesco 3
3.2 Tesco’s mission statement structure 4
3.3 Tesco’s organisational objectives 4
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Third is aspires to be winning locally whilst applying their skills around the world. Tesco is focusing to achieve is inspiring, earning trust and loyalty from their customers as well as their colleagues and community. Tesco believes that once aims and missions are created, business will success in operating. Mission statements are important because they express the overall purpose of the business. It motivates employees to achieve its stated aims.

4.6 Organisational Objectives
Organisational objectives are short-term and medium-term goals that an organisation seeks to accomplish. An organisation's objectives will play a large part in developing organisational polices and determining the allocation of organisational resources in a business stating goals and aims is very important to success. Tesco has its own aims which it hopes it achieves. Wanted and needed around the world, a growing business, full of opportunities and Inspiring, earning trust and loyalty from customers, our colleagues and communities.


Tesco goals reflect the need of customers and they believe that that of course driving it forward is critical to their success over the coming years. . From the research undertaken it was established that