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Report Plan Suggestions

UPS is the receiver at the managerial level of the human resources department. The topic of this strategic recommendation plan is to institute an instructional program for their employees to take in order to decrease the amount of customer grievances and improve customer retention. The purpose of this report is to encourage the managers to sign up for this new customer service instructional program and implemented at their local service center.

Potential resources for this recommendation plan can be the company website and the web and phone surveys. This can provide a lot of valuable information that can be used in the report, such as what is currently being used now and why these recommendations would benefit the local service centers. A method for gathering information that may provide support for another student’s report would be to do an initial general search and then narrow it down to the information that seems helpful. Then collect this to either a file that allows you to go back to it when writing the report.

Collaborative Writing

I once had to complete an assignment with a classmate that we were assigned to by the teacher. It was not a complicated assignment for two people, but it ended up being a very negative experience for me. This was because they did not follow through on their part. I ended up having to complete the whole thing as I did not want to get a bad grade on it, and both portions needed to be done to do the other. If I had to do this again, I would not want to be assigned to someone. If I had this same experience start to happen again, rather than do the work all by myself, I would talk with the teacher. I would let them know that my partner is not cooperating, and either ask for a new partner or have them deal with the person. It was very stressful.

I think that if I had to do this again with a partner that actually participated that I would enjoy it more. It would not be very successful as a collaboration if I had to write it all myself again. To ensure that would not happen I would be more proactive, rather than just passively take on the whole project.

Report Plan

The recipient of the report will be the successful logistics company UPS, which also includes, UPS Freight and The UPS Store. According to the UPS website (2011), “Packages shipped internationally through 873 UPS Stores and Service Center in the United States and Puerto Rico, and in more than 600 international stores and over 140 licensed stores in 35 countries and jurisdictions” (para. 1). The theme of this report is, to implement a new customer service-training program for all UPS employees. The purpose of the report is to educate them on this new customer service-training program that creates each individual employee into a public relations guru for the company and gives customers the service that they deserve when visiting their service centers. This program will help eliminate customer complaints.

Potential resources that will be needed for support in this report is information about the training program itself, how successful it is, and demonstrate the need that the company has for new training based on consumer complaints that can be easily found…