Essay about Report: Pollution and Environmental Protection

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Why is environmental protection so important? Environmental protection is extremely important to humans since it could mean maintaining the high quality of life people currently have and the existence of humans. If people keep on giving negative impacts to the Earth, then super storms and natural disasters would be common, deserts will be taking over continents, and finally, humans will be forced towards extinction. First and foremost, people’s health will be severely affected if no environmental protection is done. According to scientists and reports, humans are currently having two large holes on the atmosphere, due to the CO2 and other greenhouse gases that factories produce. Some harmful substances that cause cancer from the space are able to invade into the Earth, then to humans. In addition to that, acid rain caused by toxic gases, polluted air caused by cars, and finally, the three forms of water pollution, which includes physical pollution as in floating garbage, biological pollution as in contamination of bacteria and viruses, and chemical pollution as in pollution of pesticides, are all environmental problems that can cause harm to humans severely. Second, to maintain human’s largest source of food, protection towards the environment must be taken as the first step. Since the environment provides habitats for edible animals like fish and goats before humans capture or hunt them down. In addition, good-quality soil is needed for growing crops both to feed humans and livestock. If too many homes are built on