Csr Critical Essay

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An Examination on Social Performance of BMW AG

Corporate Social Responsibility can be defined as performances of businesses in completing good practices and standards to accomplish positive and sustainable results towards business, environment and society (CSR Singapore Compact 2005). Implementation of corporate social responsibility concept within the businesses means the businesses will always try their best to give positive outcomes to the society, which give satisfaction to the people and may build a good reputation to the company. The three main responsibilities and roles usually discussed are in the perspective of business, social and environment (CSR Singapore Compact 2005). Despite the fact that BMW AG is one of the best car
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This will give a negative impact to the company and to the stakeholders. The company’s reputation might also be effected, if this situation keeps on happening. Nowadays, BMW and other car companies are getting a solution on reducing the pollution by producing hybrid cars.

These hybrid cars are eco-friendly and environmental friendly vehicle, which can be defined as vehicles that do not produce hazardous waste (BMW Hybrid Cars n.d.).
Even though it produces less hazardous waste or pollution to the environment, according to BMW Hybrid Cars (n.d.), the waste products that are released from the hybrid cars consider being very damaged to the environment. This is because most of the hybrid car uses electricity or natural gas as their fuel. Furthermore, these sources of energy produce hydrocarbon when uses under production (BMW Hybrid Cars n.d.).
Moreover, hybrid vehicles are a type of vehicle that is harder to build due to its complexity. So, more energy is used to produce to build this car (Hybrid Cars Negative Environmental Impact 2007). Furthermore, most hybrid cars use nickel metal hydride system, which nickel mining required. However, these nickel metal hydrides can be recycled; even though it can be recycled it would cost a lot. (Hybrid Cars Negative Environmental Impact 2007).

Road vehicle is not just