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Progressive Hospital Case study

1. Background
Progressive Hospital is split over two sites: Remuera and City Centre and is run by the City Centre Health Board (CCHB). The sites are connected by a dedicated fiber link and are managed as one network.
There are also 30 Community Clinics which access the Hospital’s network using Telecom’s Frame Relay service.
CCHB has approximately 15000 users and 200 servers.


Local Area Network

1 Network setup within each site:

Equipment: At each of the two CCHB sites, there are two Core Switches. These are Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches incorporating Route Switch Modules (RSMs) for Layer 3 switching. (Appendix A)

The core switches
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The RADIUS server has User Groups implemented which map to the Active Directory User Groups.

4 7. Metropolitan Area Network

The dedicated fibre link between the two sites is provided by Telecom and is leased by CCHB.

Media: The link consists of a dedicated fibre cable running from the City Centre site to Telecom’s Mayoral Drive exchange; and another dedicated fibre cable running from the Mayoral Drive exchange out to the Remuera site.

Equipment: At the exchange, the two fibre cables are connected to an CCHB dedicated Cisco 3550 switch owned by Telecom.

At this stage CCHB are only leasing 200Mbps worth of the 1Gbps capacity. The rate limiting capability of the Telecom switch enforces this.

5 8. Wide Area Network

1 Community Clinics

CCHB has 30 Community Clinics that access the Hospital network via Telecom’s Frame Relay services. Permanent Virtual Circuits are implemented for each of the clinics, each with a guaranteed bandwidth of 320Kbps (CIR) and a burst rate (PIR) up to 1Mbps.

The PVCs join directly to the CCHB LAN through one of four Cisco routers ( these are older models, eg 2660s, 4000s). At the Remuera and City Centre sites, the data is received in 2Mbps trunks (ie each trunk can carry 6 of the 320Kbps