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Research Ethics As a college student, I have noticed the great importance of having integrity, responsibility and originality in the work that is expected of me, especially dealing with research. I have also noticed the consequences that follow when these things are not present as well. Some types of research misconduct include recording false information (made up), plagiarism from Internet sources, and copying someone else’s work, for example—but the most common form of misconduct is when students go to different websites and copy and paste information to a document as if it was their own work. It is proven that students are unethical when it comes to research because they are either lazy, or are not familiar with the information. When it comes to research ethics, no type of misconduct is worse than the other—rather if it is simply a paragraph or a whole entire essay copied and pasted from the Internet—there is still work that is presented as original and it is not; therefore, it is my belief that all forms of misconduct are on the same level. Allegations of academic misconduct are sometimes used for political reasons and overly legalistic interpretation of research ethics can be detrimental to the scientific enterprise as well. But while research is comprised of information that actually has to be researched, a big part of it is also the interpretation and analysis of the writer as well. Ways to prevent research misconduct, overly legalistic interpretation and protect