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UB Number: 10037256

Project Title: How can I discover what the highest practical level of efficiency is within Morrisons Flaxby Pack house and what is that level

Supervisor: Unknown

Company: WM Morrisons Plc.

Submission: November 2013

Scope and Rationale of Project

Front-line managers and supervisors run around tirelessly everyday aiming to keep productivity levels above a certain number, whilst also demanding an improvement in output levels and an increase in effort from their machine operators on a constant basis. I have found myself asking whether or not there is a level of productivity that cannot be surpassed and if so what is that level? Can and will we as a site ever reach anywhere close to maximum efficiency? Or are managers fighting a lost cause?

This research project will explore how I can discover what the highest practical level of efficiency is within Morrisons Flaxby Pack house and also what that level is.
It will review the current performance measurements and key performance indicators used within the pack house and then further investigate other internal and external sources of both primary and secondary data with a view of discovering the highest practical level of efficiency.

My project will allow both senior and front line management to differentiate between the theoretical and the practical capacity of the production lines within the pack house.
The project will allow for a better knowledge and understanding of true production performance within the pack house. It will also allow for a more accuracy when setting realistic target levels of efficiency for machine operators to aim towards.

To answer my question, the project will need to look into the historical performance records of Flaxby pack house, in order to ascertain the best efficiency figures previously achieved. It will also need to examine the quality and efficiencies of machines that are currently in use in relation to the quality and efficiencies of machines that were used during creation of historical records.

The project will involve recording data in table format. Frequency table methods will be adopted as data will be collected for individual production lines and then displayed in both an individual and grouped format.
A database will then be developed to provide site leadership teams, managers and site schedulers with accurate information on line speeds and line speed averages. This development will also be able to assist them with setting realistic targets and future decision-making.


The objective of the project is to provide management with an accurate and realistic representation of the highest level of practical efficiency for production lines within Morrisons Flaxby Pack house.

This will involve identifying a more appropriate range of performance measures than those that are currently adopted.
Further research will include measurements of production line speeds, production times, machine idle times, as well as recording the processing time of raw bulk.
I will collect data through both direct and indirect observation and will then apply the use of control theories which will allow me to test for actions and control limits.

I will need to liaise with the production managers and