Depression Research Paper Outline

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I. Intro

II. Depression
A. Why People Have Depression
1. Deals with bio & genetic factors
2. Life events/ personality traits
B. What is it?
1. Mental disorder that makes you feels sad, helpless, etc.
III. Signs
A. Signs of Depression
1. Too much/ too little sleep
2. No/ too big of appetite

B. Signs of Depression (continued)
1. Loss of concentration
2. Short tempered

C. Hereditary Factors
1. Dep. can be hereditary

IV. Side Effects
A. Eating problems
1. Some people over eat
2. Others don’t eat enough

B. Hallucinations
1. Often see things that aren’t there

C. Stress
1. Main reason why some ppl have dep.

V. Stats/ What’s known?

A. What doctors do know
1. No 1 explanation for every cause
2. Complex condition

B. What doctors know (continued)
1. No single treatment

C. Stats
1. Unemployed/ less educated
2. 45-64 years

D. Stats (continued)
1. One in ten adults has it
2. Higher in women

E. Drugs/ Alcohol
1. People/ teens are more likely to do drugs/ alcohol
VI. Brain
A. Stress Glands
1. Hyp-pituitary –adrenal gland

B. Brain
1. Forebrain

C. Biochemistry
1. “…”

D. Parts of the Brain
1. Temporal lobe
2. Frontal lobe

E. Serotonin Levels
1. Lower in depressed than normal

F. Hypothalamus, Pituitary
1. Contribute in depression levels

VII. Other Mood Disorders
A. Other Risks
1. Anxiety
2. Eating Disorders

B. Seasonal Aff. Disorder
1. Some only dep. in fall/winter
2. More common in the North
3. Younger people

C. Bipolar Disorder
1. “Cycling mood changes”
2. Antidepressants make it worse

D. Mood Disorders
1. All mood disorders

VIII. Treatment
A. Treatment
2. If not treated, suicide.

B. Therapy
1. Common treatment



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This makes it even harder for patients to be treated successfully becausethey refuse to acknowledge the existence of the symptoms underlyingclinical depression. Proper education and treatment are required hand-in-hand in order to fully identify and treat specific diseases debilitating anindividual with this condition.

Avoid Depression in a Few Easy Steps
Although depression is a very common, oft-mentioned disorder, we reallyneed to take a look at what causes depression in the first place.The factors that contribute to depression are well-known, and well-researched, however what causes it is not yet fully understood.Recent studies have helped uncover some of the factors that contribute tothe likelihood of people developing depression.StressStress is the all-time great winner of the depression-causing awards. Anystressful environment or situation could lead to depression - social stress,worrying about jobs, problems in relationships, financial worries, stayingup late, irregular and uncontrolled lifestyle, pressures of studying andgetting good grades. Other events that could cause depression are: deathamong acquaintances, change of work, moving to a new home, etc.While these events cannot be avoided, we must come up with an effectivestress coping and handling mechanism to be able to thrive even instressful situation.Drinking and Drug UsePeople who take drugs and alcohol are more predisposed to experiencingdepression. When these substances are used at a young age, they cantruly have a profound effect on a person's brain. Although thesesubstances help make the person feel good temporarily, they oftenbecome addictive.Drugs release dopamine within the pleasure center of the brain, just likeother pleasurable experiences do. Take this for instance: delicious