Research Paper On Ancient Greek Mythology

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Rohan Barkley
Classical Mythology Paper #1

The stories, themes, and morals of the Greek deities directly influenced the people of Greek society back in the day. Various details and aspects of myths involving these deities portray what was really essential to the ancient Greeks. The stories themselves reveal information regarding how the ancient Greeks should behave, what was necessary, and how they should perceive certain concepts or entities. The themes of beauty and pride are illustrated in the story of Medusa and Athena, which were highly valued by ancient Greeks. Behind the story of Pandora’s Box lies the importance of hope and also how giving into temptation can have a detrimental consequence. In addition, this legend explains
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Athena in the first myth taught a valuable life lesson regarding beauty and pride. Surely, women in ancient Greek society struggled with beauty and being the most gorgeous woman, which is even a problem in today’s world. The story helps people realize that there is much more to life than looking attractive. The second story points out how atrocious theft is and the dreadful consequences of temptation and disobedience. Pandora opening the box to unleash all human plagues is analogous to Adam eating the apple in the Garden of Eden which punished all of humanity. Both situations pertain to the core root of temptation. The third myth involving the two lovers points out that ancient Greeks valued patience as well as the ability to move on and focus on the future. Hades was testing Orpheus’ patience and faith. Even in modern society, patience is challenged and people experience times of regret and living in the past. In addition, the world is filled with doubts and very skeptical minds. The many mythological stories involving deities disclose so much information about the values, aspirations, needs, attitudes, behaviors, and personalities of the ancient Greek