Essay On Hieroglyphics

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Hieroglyphics were the first form of written communication in history. Its importance is immensely unique and it’s completely related to the first step of the evolution of human communication. The Egyptians were communicating in their own language. The hieroglyphs were not only writing, but also used in linguistics. It was based on different drawings each had a different meaning.
They were not all letters, were also phrases or syllables. We consider the hieroglyphics as the base of communication that we know today. Humans daily use writing and technology has been changing the use of it. It may have been lost some handwriting, however, is writing still present in this technological age of the internet and computers.
Hieroglyphics, Papyrus, hieratic, demotic, Rosetta Stone, Egyptian Empire, Book of the Dead
Hieroglyphics are one of the main achievements of the Egyptian civilization that in fact changed the world. Hieroglyphics are the first form of written language in history and they mark the way human communicate. The evolution of this written is remarkable and unique, but it seems that
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A phonogram is an image that represents a spoken sound. The characters that are read as the sound of the object they