Research Paper On Antthropologists At Work

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Nicole Lawson
Homework 1
Cultural Anthropology
Professor Vedwan

“Anthropologists At Work”

In the movie Anthropologists At Work the class learned about all the various careers of anthropology in the modern world. When I was younger I did not think about how differences in culture affect a specific human race. We live in a society that is so globally entwined, as the movie stated, it is important to be aware of anthropological culture and differences. Anthropologists At Work shows the multiple everyday uses of anthropology. These everyday uses include subfields that break anthropological work into different, but equal categories. The subfields that Anthropology has are Physical, linguistic, sociocultural, and archeology. Physical (biological) anthropology deals with the physical remains or bones from past centuries. Many physical anthropologists examine and analyze these bones, here they look at size, with, density, ect. Physical anthropologists find work when a discovery has been made, such as an Indian burial ground. Here they will but all of the bones and remains together as best they can. Linguistic anthropology deals with language and communication. Many linguistic anthropologists deal with how a people interact and express needs to one another. For example, the movie showed a linguistic anthropologist teaching young children the importance of different language. With this the results showed that young students who were bilingual had a better time with understanding and accepting others, especially fellow students. When it comes to sociocultural anthropology, it seems to be a little more broad. Sociocultural anthropology deals with laws, health care, and land conservation. A large part of the subfield is “work culture”, how people interact in the work place. The anthropologist in the movie works