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Definition Paper
Lori Lucero
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August 26, 2014
Glenn Arola

Definition Paper

Innovation: Merriam – Webster defines innovation as the act or the process of launching new ideas, products or methods. This can include improving on an idea that already exists, but has distinguishing traits that are separate from the original idea. Innovation accomplishes this by having more helpful processes, technologies, services, ideas or products. A great example of innovation is cell phones. The cell phone went from strictly to being used in your car, (and cost a huge amount to buy and use), to what we have today, a computing device that can have the same functions of a computer that fits in the palm of your hand.
This is defined as the concept of realization or arrangement of a drawing, plan, model or idea. It is also the pattern that exists to achieve and develop the drawing, plan, model or idea. In a business model, it is the conceptual blue print for a company that shows the interrelationships of the processes and the resources required for the company to achieve the set of goals stated in the Mission Statement when providing services to its customers or clients.
Creativity is defined by Merriam – Webster as the ability to produce something new with imagination to solve a problem, produce a new idea or product. Creativity can also be defined as a person, company