Research Paper On The Harlem Renaissance

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Charlie Parker

The Harlem Renaissance was the rebirth of a new era for the black population in New York City, well known as, the “New Negro Movement”. It all started with the Great Migration, which brought many African Americans into the urban areas of the U.S. This brought a variety of customs and culture, enriching society with arts, culture, etc. As a result, this created a new form of African American arts, which gained popularity mainly in the Harlem neighborhood. The Harlem Renaissance lasted for quite a long time, beginning from 1918 until the 1930s. Music such as jazz and blues had a major role during the Harlem Renaissance period. Most of its music is still listened today, and it conveys a sense of suffering and pain, which described the situation in which African American were at that time. It is said that the Harlem Renaissance was a major turning point for the lives of black people, in which it changed history forever.
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Not only because he resided in New York City meant that his music was fairly overheard, but his music was viewed as an important factor of black culture. He was socially involved in the movement due to his music, which portrayed the diverse cultures and lifestyles of African Americans. The Bird’s most famous work was a couple of songs like “All the Things You Are,” “Yardbird Suite,” “Ornithology,” etc. Most of these songs are still played nowadays and are considered to be masterpieces. Although, there were some songs that did not gain as much popularity as the others; those are “Cherokee,” “Back Home Blues,” etc. Most importantly, Charlie Parker was recognized during the Harlem Renaissance due to his impeccable style of jazz. His greatest contribution to both the world and black culture, besides his music itself, was the creation of bop or bebop. This style of jazz was characterized by a fast tempo and since its creation, it was seen as an innovative way of