Essay about Resource: Osi Model and Application Layer Protocols

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Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization

Based on Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network, prepare a 1,500 - to 2,500-word paper including the following:
- Identify network system elements (routers, switches, servers and workstations etc) in use. (10 pts)
- Identify network protocols in use within each of the seven OSI layers. (5 pts)
- Research on networks deployed by other health care organizations and recommend additional network elements and protocols that may be used to enhance current network. (5 pts) Hints and clarifications:
1 With regard to network system elements, please describe what elements are used and where. Also briefly explain why the elements are used when appropriate (e.g, “The VPN router serves as a VPN concentrator/server and provides VPN access to remote users.”).
2 For network protocols, identify which of following core protocols are in use and expand around them:
a. Layer 1 and 2: what network interfaces are involved? Example of network interfaces are Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, Frame-Relay, T1 etc.
b. Layer 3: It’s important to first determine which network protocol suite(s) is/are used in the network(example of network protocol suites are TCP/IP, Appletalk, IPX/SPX etc). The core protocol for layer 3 is then IP for TCP/IP, DDP for Appletalk, IPX for IPX/SPX. Other important protocols in this layer include various routing protocols and network address to physcial address mapping protocols (e.g, ARP in TCP/IP).