Responsibilities And Responsibilities In Health And Social Care

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Task B
Bi: The terms and conditions of my contract include; my working hours, for example I am employed to work a minimum of 16 hours a week. Which will include evenings, weekends and bank holidays.
Annual leave, my entitlement is 5.6 weeks a year including bank holidays, calculated by the hours I have been on rota in a 12 week period.
Notice is required to be 4 weeks by both parties to terminate my contract.
Confidentiality is the fact that at all times both during my contract of employment and if for any reason my employment should be terminated I must not disclose any information of any client or member of staff unless authorised to do so by my employers. Any information I come across during employment is of a confidential nature.
Discipline and grievance procedures are included along with sickness procedures.
Sickness and other absences is recorded by the Bradford factor and dependant on that result determines how we as staff receive warnings etc. If a member of staff was to be off sick for excessive period of time it could result in been sent for a medical examination by a doctor of the employers choice.
Return of any properties belonging to the company for example name badges and documentation is paramount.
Equal opportunities is not discriminating against any person for any reason such as; age, sex, disability, race, marital status and religious beliefs, and any violation of this will result in disciplinary action been taken against you by the employer.
Deductions from wages; if at any time an employee owes the company or employer any monies it must be paid back by deduction from wages at a rate agreed to by the employer.
Training is paramount and you must attend any training session your employer requests to develop skills required for the job role and it is paid for by the employer, However if you leave employment within 12 months of undertaking training the cost of it will be deducted from your final wage.
Notice and provisions for earlier termination, the company reserves the right to terminate your employment without prior notice if you were to be convicted of a serious criminal offence, commit an act of dishonesty relating to the company or are found to be guilty of any gross misconduct or neglect.
Alterations to be made to any terms of your contract after the company has consulted with you will be confirmed in writing within one month of the agreement being put in place and the company reserve the right to do this.

Bii: The information which legally needs to be shown on a payslip is;
Gross wages - the amount before any deductions are made
Net wages - the amount of wages after any deductions are made
Fixed pay deductions - the detailed amount and explanation of such deduction for example a trade union subscription.
Other variable deductions such as national insurance and income tax contributions
Amounts for any part payment of wages for example separate figures of cash to be credited to a bank account.
Biii: Two important pieces of information that must be reported to your employer are your address and bank details.
Biv: Here is a flow chart to describe the procedure a support worker would follow when reporting a grievance:

1. During the course of employment employees will come into contact with confidential and sensitive information about service users and other employees such as names and addresses so our company complies with the data protection act 1998.
2. It is agreed that if a grievance is to be raised at work it should be reported to a service manager and or a CEO.
3. Conflict management would be taken to higher members of staff such as CEO to be resolved fairly and sensibly.
4. Discrimination is opposed on all grounds and the company strives to provide a