Responsibility: Hamlet and Claudius Essay

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The Dawn of Responsibility

I heard a wise man once tell another man “With great powers come great responsibilities”. Even though I may have heard this saying a long ago till this very day I still hear this saying over and over in my head. Reminding myself in order to be the man you may have to take responsibility for things that will be out of my control. No matter what you do in life you will have be responsible for something in life. Some people are force to deal with responsibilities sooner than others. Sometimes people are faced with the responsibility of being responsible for someone else actions. A great example for being responsible for someone else actions would be Hamlet taking responsibility for his father murder. After the ghost visited Hamlet, he was faced with a decision of what he should do. Hamlet had a choice either find out the truth about his father murder or take revenge among King Claudius. Although Hamlet procrastinates in fulfilling his responsibilities he gets the job done. He waited so long because he wanted to make sure that the information he received was accurate. Hamlet greatly respected and looked up to his father. Even though Hamlet didn’t ask to be responsible for his father’s murder but it is his responsibility because he is his father’s son. Hamlet is responsibility is to make things right. For example when his father was king Denmark was well respected. But under Claudius the good name of Denmark has been lost, and the fear of Denmark has been passed away with the king.

In Claudius case, his responsibilities may be very different than Hamlet’s responsibilities. I say this because Claudius duties have change tremendously since his brother death. Claudius is now in a predicament where he has a great power and he is also in a predicament where his duties may be overwhelming. Claudius is now responsible for any threats that may come up against Denmark. As old King Hamlet would do if he were still alive he would take out threats with his bear hands. Claudius is now responsible for keeping the town safe from any foreign threats. For example he is responsible for fighting in war if young Fortinbras wants to fight for the land his father lost to old Hamlet. Claudius is also responsible for taking care of the noble family and making sure the thrown is safe.
Even though Hamlet and Laertes despised each other they tend to associate with their family the same way. Laertes highly respects and loves his father Polonius. Similar to the way as Hamlet have great respect for his father. Hamlet and Laertes both shared a great amount of respect for their father and looked up to their fathers. They seem to feel the same way after the death of their fathers. Their loyalty to their father made it their responsibility to seek revenge on their father’s murders. Another thing they have in common is the way that they share a love for Ophelia. Laertes gives his sister, Ophelia, guidance on her relationship with Hamlet. He only is trying to protect her from heartache and trying to warn her that Hamlet will have more things to worry about instead taking care of her. As a big brother it was