Retail Host Analysis Essay

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Retail Host Analysis
Toys R’ Us Stage

Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us is an American toy and juvenile products retailer founded in 1948, the American headquarters is located in New Jersey and the Canadian Headquarters is located in Toronto. The company operates more than 876 Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us stores in the United States, more than 725 international stores and over 200 licensed stores in 36 countries and jurisdictions. Toys “R” Us has targeted children for its products, which are undoubtedly toys. However, it is actually targeting the parents of children falling in the age groups of under five years old, and five to twelve years old. These children cannot purchase for themselves it is their parents who fulfill their wants. The babies “R” Us target market is for pregnant women and their partners as well as new born to one year old parents. In addition, Toys R Us targets mothers of babies and children through campaigns revolving around child safety and protection that tap the emotional appeal of mothers. Positioning itself in this way it benefits from the image it creates. Toys R Us is aware of the price sensitivity (because of price wars with giant retailers) of its customers. Its
The Toys “R” Us mission statement is very simple, broad and to the point: “To be the world’s greatest kids’ brand.” The Toys “R” Us, positioning statement is also similar yet more descriptive to the way they have put themselves in the market: “We approach our business operations with responsibility and integrity, understanding the trust parents place in us to do the right thing and act as a reliable partner as they navigate the various stages of parenthood.” To make this an achievable mission for the Toys 'R Us and Babies 'R Us employees, the company also has very specific and clearly delineated commitments and values. The statements of this department store consists or different terms relating to their main ideas and tactics. The following tactics are ones in which my supervisor at Toys “R” Us has explained to me thoroughly before commencing my stage. “R” Commitments, “R” Team, “R” Customer, “R” Shareholders, “R” Community, “R” Values, these are six different aspects in which employees at Toy “R” Us follow in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction and allow for the growth of the company and increase in sales. It ensures, the growing and developing of employees by cultivating a great place to work as well as achieving customer satisfaction by delivering a quality experience for our customers another aspect they abide by is achieving consistent, reliable performance for our shareholders and maintaining and enhancing our position as a good corporate citizen.
Working at a department store this big, you learn from experience that having a good team is key, they need to be urgent, sincere, authentic, helpful to work with and confident as well as being reliable means working as a team so everything can move faster. As well as following honesty, integrity and compassion are the foundation upon which we work together and conduct our business. After helping consumers is can see that the toys are fairly priced and more over it seeks to attract more store traffic through visually stimulating store layout, décor and a toy land experience for the children and their parents alike, one of the managers Eugenio, went over with me the reasons why the store is placed the way it is and how to attract not only the kids but as well as their parents. Toys “R” Us has selected this target market as it directly matches with its product offerings and product line extensions.
Looking at the aspects of a company’s S.W.O.T analysis, the main things that are needed to take into consideration at the opportunities and threats, Toys “R” Us has many opportunities in their retail field, such as; The Company getting positive response from Express locations planned to open more of them nationwide with almost 600 stores. As well as