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fashion and café boutique’

Name: Home Address:

Michele Parreirinha 79a Church street Broughty Ferry , Dundee DD5 1EU 07876102284 Retailing Fashion and Food Café with online ecommerce site. Bye Bye Birdy 79 a church street

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DD5 1EU Planning stage / All areas investigated and thought out, site found and stockiest arranged. Awaiting total funding before continuing. April 2013

Intended Start Date:

Business Plan -1-

Section 1: The 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4


Personal business and expertise Business Objectives Business Description Business Operations

Section 2: The


2.1 Key People 2.2 Training Needs Analysis 2.3 Business Management

Section 3: The


3.1 Market Research 3.2 Customers 3.3 Competition 3.4 Marketing

Section 4: The


4.1 Costing and Pricing 4.2 Sales Forecast 4.3 Running Costs 4.4 Start Up Costs and Funding Package


Business Plan -2-

Section 1 – The


1.1 Personal Background and Expertise
After personally spending the last 11 years within a retailing environment for various fashion and cosmetics brands at a senior level I wanted to start a business on my own , having gained detailed experience in business management , people management , profit and loss, buying , recruitment and health and safety, I wanted to develop and create a concept that I believed would create a point of difference for the customer and bring some life back into the high street through a business that supported the local economy and community. I thrive on the challenge of creating a successful business. I am aware of the hours and hard work needed to make a business successful. I appreciate the elements that make a business successful and understand that brand, people, operation, cost management and a great concept and product all contribute equally to a business model. I have recently taken up a role within a direct competitor to fully integrate myself with the hospitality side of the retailing world, understanding food hygiene, COSH and health and safety procedures along with the how on making a successful café environment. This role has been key in educating me on a successful café operation and understanding the cost margins and service elements that will affect my own business.

1.2 Business Objectives
‘A place for community, laughter and comfort.’
Fronted by gorgeous fashion, home delights with the best kept secret in gorgeous breakfasts and lunches. Fashion and food sharing a beautiful fitted space that brings earthy tones and comfort to life through a farm style contemporary feel without being pretentious.

‘Ensuring ‘All

that every customer is home away from home’

you need is food laughter and a feel good factor.

Business Plan -3-

1.3 Business Description
To incorporate a home led environment with the combined elements of food and fashion. ‘A gorgeous surrounding of creativity both within food and the fashion bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘ladies who lunch’.’ The concept is about creating a retailing unit like no other in Dundee, bringing fashion and food in the same retailing space in the format of a boutique style fashion and food café. Imagine a department store on a smaller scale introducing great products that are not widely available on the high street while supporting the local community of farmers produce, coffee production and fashion student featured products from local universities as well as introducing other retail fashion suppliers that offer a unique element of classic design, prints and more importantly quality all produced within the UK, all at