The importance of Customer Strategies in Retailing Essay

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Through out the years it has been shown by many retailers that customer satisfaction is the foundation to any business thus the importance of customer strategies. A precise plan of action can either lead to success or failure. For success, retailers have to find the wants and needs of the consumer and construct coherent strategies that will lead them to customer satisfaction. The core basis of a retailer should be the following; Give the consumer an impressive experience that your competition cannot match, link a relationship with the customer, and finally get feedback.

Retailers need to understand the population’s needs and behaviors on a daily basis due to the environment constantly changing. Retailers should study trends such as martial status, environments, and other demographics because all consumers are different and have distinctive demands. After analyzing and identifying these motions the developer can create a mission statement. According to the textbook retailing “A mission statement is the description of the fundamental nature, rationale, and direction of the firm.” Consequently the company thrusts the company toward certain products, services, markets, and customers. All these targets will provide the consumer an indication of what the firm is all about and decide if they should contribute their assets in this firm. This would be measured the most prominent step of the customer service strategic planning, by giving the corporate its particular identity in retailing. After successfully creating a mission statement the retailer should decide how to distinguish the company to its consumers and market place. Fundamental matters that need to be reflected in strategic planning for customer service are the following; “Product/service, user/customer class, market/type/category, production capacity/capability, technology/know-how, sales/marketing method, natural resources, size/growth, and return/profit. Which was shown in Michel Robert Article “Finding your strategic heartbeat” the retailer must chose one area that navigates the company to success. For example Starbucks “heartbeat” indulgences the sense of sophistication an Italian café offers plus providing the best coffee in the world. Another example would be the technology company Apple that offers a product/concept-driven company by establishing gadgets that have a connection to Apple’s past, present and future products. So, organizations need to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Distinguishing the company’s service or product is vital since there are other retailers that may sell the same product or service but are reaching out to a specific consumer. Similar to David G. Relout’s article that states, “ Companies overlook the fact that costumers require different service and have to be considered individually. This means segmenting accounts into categories according to some reasonable criteria.” For instance there can be two retailers selling swimming products and services but focuses on different age group. One retailer focuses on the older group and the other on the younger. Both retailers give the same product but provide different services and have different strategies to attract their specific age group.

Companies such as Gap, Old Navy, and Banana republic are all clothing retailers but focus on diverse style, class, and quality. They are all considered top brand sellers because each is attentive to their consumer group. Gap generally deals with hippie, formal, young adults group and Old navy deals with mid class, working force, and down to earth group. Banana Republic is considered the more high class, formal, older multitude. All diverse for their consumers.

The next step is for a company is to insert a stable plan to gain market share, reduce total costs, evade competitors, and most importantly maintain customers satisfied. David G. deRoulet states, “If the basics aren’t in place, nothing else…