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A review of Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 was written by 60 years. It is the oldest science fiction of all novels has been read for me. The imagination of this book still makes me admirable. Such as TV well, the show can interaction in time and some telephone or radio in the ears. All of them still can shake the people live in 2012. Fahrenheit 451: the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns. Of course, burning books is the central premise upon which the story unfolds. Guy Montag is a firefighter. However, in this day and age, firefighting has taken on a whole different meaning. Guy is charged with the socio-political responsibility of burning books wherever they may be found. Guy goes about his duties with the typical verve that a firefighter must have and he never thought twice about lighting a match to save people from themselves. That is, until a new neighbor moved in. During the main clue, burning book, we can find a lot of details that were really touch our heart. There are still all the lights and sirens that we associate with being a firefighter — they even have a pole to slide down on — but now, when the fire engine pulls up outside your door, it is met with trepidation not relief. Whereas water used to be the fluid of salvation, kerosene has become the liquid of suppression. That means both of them can make one thing stopped. Another words, books compare to birds. Both of them are brisk and freedom, book can fly your brain. Birds can bring your feeling of fly. So when author compare of them that will makes your imaging and longing the freedom. There are hundreds of specific key Drowned out by main clue but it still working in their way. Therefore, we can feel the feeling from the author strongly through the details and some discretion unconsciously
Why do you think that Bradbury would introduce Clarisse before Montage’s wife, Mildred? Let us analysis about this part, erenow I answer this question. Clarisse McClellan is 17 and, as is typical of persons of that age, doesn’t care for how society requires her to think and behave. Guy and Clarisse happen to meet one day while he is returning home from work and they engage in a bit of idle banter. Guy is initially confused and a little disturbed by Clarisse’s questions and opinions; however he chalks them up to youthful ignorance. But, Clarisse asks, “Have you ever read any of the books you burn?” Of course he hasn’t; reading books illegal. Guy continues about his normal routine and even manages to talk to the strange girl next door on occasion. is one of most important role in this novel. She is a turn in the course of events of key that protagonist start to think about his job and question the society. So she is start a new “Montage”. She also starts our story. This is a reason she will introduce before Montage’s wife. Eventually, Clarisse’s views causes Guy to begin questioning what he once thought were societal norms which cause no small amount of stress at work and home. His boss begins interrogating him due to the inquiries Guy makes and his wife becomes concerned that he’s acting strangely. That is, when she can pull herself away from the people on the wall. Guy tries to hide his new unconventional feelings from everybody but he is also hiding something else: a book. When Guy’s indiscretion is finally uncovered, his own firefighting unit must pay him a visit which could cost Guy everything, including his life. It is almost as if Mildred and Clarisse are Montage’s conscience and they are giving him choices on how to act and what to believe. It is like they are the two sides of a coin. Mildred is tails, the negative side that is telling him to stay normal and not to be different from society. Clarisse is heads, the positive side. She opens his eyes to different perspectives and ideas that he did not realize he was missing. If he had only had one of these influences in his life, he would never have changed. If he had never met Clarisse,