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(1a) The duties of an American citizen are shown in three simple areas: the duty to give to the American government, to provide public service, aid, and assistance, and to participate in voting in any elections (Presidential, Governor, Senator, Secretary of State, ect). Many American citizens hate to pay taxes, but all home owners have to assist our American government and its many agencies that help our everyday life. These agencies include; The Departments of Health, Defense, Education, and Communicable Disease Control, ect. All these government agencies exist to make our lives safer, less stressful and easier. In able to enjoy our mainly worry-free lives, all American citizens must pay taxes. Providing public service and aid to our government is one of the responsibilities of an American citizen. This means volunteering for many charities. In addition to helping out with charities many American citizens have to report for jury duty. Jury duty is when, you an American citizen, serve as a juror in a court. Voting in government elections is the only way American citizens can stay free. America has the possibility of losing its democratic status if our country didn’t have elections. If our country was not democratic that would drastically change the lives of all American citizens in a very negative way.
(1b) As shown above, if an American citizen does not complete the duty that is required many many bad consequences can come from their actions.

(2a) Everybody wants what feels good. Everyone wants to live a care-free, happy and easy life, to be perfect and make a large sum of money (It wasn’t called the American dream for nothing.) --Everyone wants that - it's so easy to want that-- Everyone wants to have an amazing large paying job, but not everyone is willing to suffer through long and banal 60-hour work and school weeks with long tiring commutes. People want to be filthy rich without the work, its basic human nature. When people don’t chase after and work for what they want, they settle. When they settle they wonder "What if?" for years and years and years…