Revised Sources List Essay

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Adrian Diaz
Mrs. Landin
1st Period/ Economics
April 17, 2013
Revised Sources List
Primary Sources: * Academic Journal – Oxford Journal Review of Environmental Economics and Policy Summary: Conventional wisdom about the impact of environmental regulation on business that declares that well-designed regulation can actually enhance competiveness, improving the economy and helping to find eco-friendly ideas for the world.

* Periodical - National Geographic – Green living Importance of Renewable Resources of Energy Summary: Renewable energy is reliable and plentiful and will potentially be very cheap once technology and infrastructure improve. It includes solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower and tidal energy, plus biofuels that are grown and harvested without fossil fuels.
Secondary Sources: * Textbook- Economics An introduction to economics Summary: Economics on the aspect of agriculture, based on how buyers and consumers benefit from culture and the land around us. Renewable resources help us a lot more in the long run.

* eBook – From Natural Resources to the knowledge Economy Trade and Job Quality…