Rhetoric Reflection

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On the first day of Writing39B, I learned the purpose and the definition of “rhetoric”, which is getting people to do things. When I did the Rhetoric Analysis paper (RA), I realized the difference between knowing what rhetoric is and using the rhetoric. As I went through the drafts of the RA paper, I now have a better understanding of rhetoric. I learned that I need to first define a specific audience, and then determine the rhetoric appeals that I will use to persuade my audience. I believe the skills that I have learned about rhetoric through the process of writing the RA paper is beneficial for the Rhetoric-In-Practice paper and project (RIP).
While I am working on my topic, skydiving, the most interesting thing that I have learned is that the percentage of fatalities is less than 1%. In other words, skydiving can be considered safer
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Therefore, I decided to write about my second choice, which is skydiving. At the beginning of my research for this topic, I was struggling because I was not sure what information I should include in my project and paper. I typed parachuting on Google search, then I realized that parachuting is part of skydiving. When I looked at the results of the search, I found there are many places where offer skydiving. However, I did not find examples or quotes that I can use for my RIP paper. I went back to Google search, and this time I narrowed my search to interesting facts about skydiving because I believe I need interesting facts to attract my audience. I also searched for celebrities who did skydiving, and statistic of injuries. The results of these particular searches would be used as evidence to support my claims. I believe it would be helpful if I can find the reasons that prevent people from doing skydiving because it would be easier for me to convince