Rhetorical Analysis: A Change For Women

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A Change for Women “Some things can’t be covered” is the slogan for the King Khalid Foundation primarily located in Saudi Arabia. Their main focus is on helping to file against women's abuse. This ad has been the very first women's abuse ad to ever run in Saudi Arabia. Because of this, the foundation is considered to be a role model not only in Saudi Arabia but also all over the Middle East. The King Khalid Foundation passed a law that makes domestic violence against women and children illegal, a law they did not have before. In this piece of visual rhetoric, the use of pathos, logos, and ethos are expressed throughout the picture to persuade the viewers that women's abuse often goes unnoticed and that it is not right. Confused, troubled, and afraid are all emotions that this picture describes. The use of pathos is being used to help connect the ad talking about stopping domestic violence and the audience, emotionally. Clearly shown is a woman who has been abused. The artist strategically decided to make the woman's eyes the main focus of the picture so the audience could pay attention to the wound and the emotion hidden behind her eyes. To make sure the audience …show more content…
When looking at the ad, the viewer is able to see a woman dressed in an all black burqua with only her eyes showing, one of them busted as if she had been hit. The picture is an example of what happens in several Middle Eastern women's daily lives. It was reported that in Saudi Arabia, "one in every six women is abused verbally, physically, and/or emotionally every day" (Al Arabiya Staff). What the viewers also see is the words "some things can't be covered" written a little lower than the woman's eyes. The reason why the artist chose for the words to be placed here is so when someone glances at the ad, they are able to see it more clearly and focus on the woman and the message the ad is trying to