Rhetorical Analysis Of Communication Class

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The target audience for this rhetorical analysis is my communication class. The audience can not be group by just one gender, age, size and time. This communication class is not just women and men's. This class doesn't just have one age group lastly is how the time the class start and the size of the class can be effect to every student. I feel that every aspect can change how a teacher teaches and how the student would take it in. First I want to start with why gender. According to Douglas M.Fraleigh and Joseph S. Tuman,” this is call gender composition the author also stated that gender composition ...mixed(male and female) or single gender(all female or all male) affect how your listeners will respond to you speech.” This classroom …show more content…
The time that a speech start can become so very affected by the people that giving the speech and to the audience. According to Douglas M.Fraleigh and Joseph S. Tuman, this is situational characteristics. This class is not too big and not too small. The amount of student in the class is not less than ten but not more than 30. I as a student feel that the amount of student in the class make me feel more comfortable to gave a speech. It not that much alive but it a good amount that I can learn and hear the teacher well. The teacher is able to answers question for better. It also easier to know who in the class and who did not come to class. The size can change how and the way you are going to giving a speech. According to Douglas M.Fraleigh and Joseph S. Tuman,” when ...to speech presentation and audience, size matters. In other words, the number of audience members affects how you’ll craft and deliver your message.” therefore I feel that the size of people that going be there is something-something the speech person need to know do to set up their speech and what to say and how to say it. According to Douglas M.Fraleigh and Joseph S. Tuman,” the smaller the group the can be more detailed and specific message to gave due to a few people and the larger the group the less opportunity you would have to interact. This is why it is important to know the size of the audience that you going to have. If you was just to go up and gave a speech without knowing the size of your audience can have a big impact on how many questions you have to be ready to answers and how much detail you have to give to your audiences. It also helps if you know how small or big your audience is because you would know the time you are going to have to give your speech and how fast you have to be to get down to the main idea or to the point. Be ready it better to be unready for what you want to be