Riordan Manufacturing Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing
Executive Summary ABCO Consulting thanks the Riordan organization for allowing us to do this upgrade analysis. A review of the existing infrastructure at Riordan has been completed and the findings are contained in this document. There will be a listing of what was found followed by a proposed upgrade system layout. The scope of this project is to cover the following systems and subsystems and to explain how they all interact one with another.

Finance & Accounting Identify and describe existing system:

Riordan’s Manufacturing’s Accounting Services division is responsible for overseeing all financial processes within the company. Everything from AR, AP, payroll, General Ledger, purchasing,
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In addition, the introduction of an integrated solution will allow creation of workflows that will streamline the AR, AP, Payroll, GL, and other current processes. If the accounting and finance department is truly the “lifeblood” of any organization, then it is imperative that Riordan consider the proposed ERP endeavor, which will surely bring about a reduction of company errors and along with “real-world” solutions for administrative