Robert Fulton: The First Successful Commercial Steamboat

Words: 1968
Pages: 8

Before inventing the first successful commercial steamboat, The Clermont, Robert Fulton was an artist. It was not until Fulton traveled to England when he started to become enamored by technology. Robert Fulton helped pave the way for steamboats in the future as well as other aquatic vehicles such as the submarine. During the 1800’s Robert Fulton improved travel and trade in the canal system by inventing the first successful steamboat.
Robert Fulton was born on November 14th, 1765 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Lancaster was the largest inland city developed in the United States at the time of his birth and it was the area of many technological advances during the American Revolution. Some believe that the environment that he was surrounded
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After failing at both attempts he moved back to the United States after a 20 year absence. This was where he created the first successful steamboat along with Robert Livingston. He later went on to work on a warship and another steamboat that traveled along the Mississippi River. He was a big advocate of the Erie Canal and a member of the Erie Canal Commission. He died on February 23, 1815 in New York, New York and the young age of 49.
Robert Fulton wanted to increase the efficiency of the canal system. The inclined plane did cost more money to install then a lock but it took half the time to get the boat and its cargo moving again. The inclined plane was a railroad system built on a steep slope operated by a pulley system. The cargo was taken off of one ship then loaded into one of the carts which was the pulled up the slope onto the top of the hill. From there the cargo was unloaded and then put back onto another barge. This design was successful over in Europe but never made its way over to the United States. Fulton published the Treatise on the Improvement of Canal Navigation in 1796, it was composed of his plans on how
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Robert Fulton would be interested in the invention of the Model T. Since it was another way that helped revolutionize travel. The Model T helped create a way for Americans to travel to and from their jobs. The model T made it possible for many Americans to travel and go on vacation all across of America. The Model T helped create hotels, and motels all across the United States. The Model T helped pave the way for the invention of the drive-thru and many other fast food restaurants and businesses. Robert Fulton would also be interested in the breakthrough of the latest computer technology. All of the computer software programs that Engineers have in their possession in today's world helps make their jobs a lot easier. Back in his time he would have to figure out everything on his own and if he needed to find answers about a certain topic he would have to find another person who has more experience in the certain topic or he would have to spend hours of time in the Library searching through hundreds of books looking for the answer he needs. But in today's world with google at our fingertips we can find the same answer that took Fulton hours in just a matter of seconds. All of the software programs available to engineers would make his job a lot easier as well. He would not have to always build, and test all of