Roles and Functions of Law Essays

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Role and Functions of Law Paper
Ronald Sander
Tiffany Brady

Let’s start with how a law is defined. A law is defined as rules of conduct and can be carried out by intimidation or penalty if they are broken. Basically laws are principles and guidelines that assist in governing behavior, managing disagreements, and dealing with unlawful actions. In businesses and society the laws play are very important role. With laws they control the behavior of the society and help it to run more smoothly. Establishing laws will help with creating or setting a standard ethical standards and expectations. Some other useful aspects of establishing law are it includes: keeping the peace; examining government power and supporting personal freedom; aiding in the planning and achievement of logical expectations; supporting economic growth by honest competition; encouraging social justice; and safeguarding the environment (Mallor, Barnes, Bowers, and Langvardt). If there were no laws established then the society and commerce would probably fail or crumble.
Besides the different types of laws, they are also laws are also recognized in three specific classifications and they are: criminal and civil law, public and private law, and substantive and procedural law. These three types of law involve both business and society, via rules describing what is and is not unlawful, but also with safeguard for both of them.
The responsibilities and functions of law is to make available rules and guidelines for about anything and everything that one could encounter, both in the community and in their place of work. The law provides not just the rules for those things that are considered to be unlawful, but also be able to provide ways for individuals or groups to guard themselves from any wrong doings. Since we are in a time where we are constantly increasing in