Roles Of Women In The Music Industry Summary

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In the article, “I am Charlotte Church. And This Is How Women Are Routinely Demoralized by the Music Industry…” she explains how women are displayed in the music industry. She first starts off by explaining the three main roles that women lay in the music industry. The first role that a women can play in the music industry is “ One of the Girls’ Girls” this roles says that men can be as evil as they want but as long as a girl is surrounded by a group of her friends it is all right. This role basically shows that women are strong and are equal to men when they are with other females. This “One of the Girls’ Girls” role is good role but at the same time, it is annoying because it is basically saying the only way a woman can feel empowering or become equal to a man is when other women surrounds them. This role is still saying that women needs to depend on other in order to feel strong or become as equal as someone else which is not true at all. …show more content…
The Victim/Torch Singer roles are women who write and sings about all the heartbreak they been through from men. They do not use their sexuality to connect to people or sell records they use their experience of heartbreak and wrongdoing to do all that. The person who is always being let down from the men that are around her. My thoughts on this role are not bad because I rather a women use something other than their sexuality to sell record but at the same time this is making women look weak. Men already think that women are weak and emotional and that is the role that they expect women to play. The women who fits in this role are basically telling men that they are right and we are sort of emotional weak people, even though men are the cause of many women