Romanticism In The Scarlet Letter And Moby Dick

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T.S. Arthur’s life was poor, and sad.
T.S. Arthur was an author, who lived on 19th century. Also, he was a publisher and editor too. He was a Christian, who had a thought that alcohol is one of the main reasons that make people’s life worse. He was one of the powerful writers during 19th century, but not popular for all books that he wrote. There were diverse kinds of books that he wrote about. (Merriman)
He was born in June 6th, 1809, in Orange County, which is in California. His mother was Anna Shay, and his father was William Arthur. He was a second child of his family. His grandfather’s name was Timothy Shay, and his parents named him after his grandfather, so his full name became Timothy Shay Arthur. Unfortunately, his house was very poor
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Of course, different effects were appeared in each artworks and literature, but it is sure that it influenced both. Romanticism is a belief that artmust be come from people’s personal thoughts, not from objective, or perfect calculation. So, basically it is the belief that purpose of literature is to be perfectly beautiful, and artistic. The Scarlet Letter and Moby Dick are the piece of art that shows the best example of the romanticism very well. Even today, it is not disappeared yet; it just developed itself to modernism and realism. (Rahn, …show more content…
Edger Allen Poe was one of famous people who don’t like transcendentalism, and who always laughed at their writings. However, transcendentalism grew much faster, with spreading of Unitarians, which is a group of people who are denying Jesus. The time that transcendentalism affected was actually short, because it disappeared with the government’s decision, or where America’s social should lead to, after the Civil War. (Rahn, “Transcendentalism”)
Realism is a movement that started in mid-19th century. It is a movement that goes against romanticism, which focuses on fact, than other else. As it written, it is mostly focuses on real, or fact. The movement started in art, by drawing very realistic pictures. Realism art was always focused on drawing real things.As a result, it started to influence literature, too. (Rahn, “Realism”)
Effects by realism in literature, gives very similar effects that which is in art. One of the most famous authors, Mark Twain, was also the one who was affected by realism. Most people ever heard the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It is the book which affected by realism, written by Mark Twain. It shows very realistic images and pictures of protagonist, as the story going. When realism had ended, it finally leaded to the next philosophical movement, which is nationalism. (Rahn,