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Romeo and Juliet- Act III is the Climax The definition of the climax is the most exciting or intense moment in a plot. The climax is the point of no return. In Romeo and Juliet, a classic five act tragedy, written by Shakespeare, Act III is most defiantly is the climax. The problems that are arisen in Act III make it impossible to go back. The climax is in Act III because it is where all of the problems come to their peak and Act IV starts the resolution. Tybalt being killed by Romeo, Romeo being banished from the town and Paris wanting to wed Juliet are just three of the problems in Act III that prove it is the climax.

All of the rising action leads up to the problems created in Act III. Romeo is challenged by Tybalt in Act II but the fighting begins and ends in Act III. All of the fighting leads eventually to Tybalt’s death. Romeo killed his new wife’s cousin and there is nothing he can do to change that fact. Because Romeo killed Tybalt, it will be very hard for him to make peace with Juliet’s family. When Tybalt dies there is no way that Juliet will ever be able to tell her parents about her love for Romeo because he is now one of the worst enemies of the enemies. Juliet fears that she will never be able to be with Romeo again, especially since he was banned from Venice.

Act III is when everything comes to the most intense moment. Romeo had just killed Juliet’s cousin and because he was killed by Romeo, he was banned from the city making. This made it near impossible for Romeo and Juliet to be together. In Act III the action and problems faced seem impossible to overcome and after act three everything slowly goes downhill, like in the pyramid. Romeo being banned from the city leads to a heartbroken Juliet and many other problems that Juliet faces. Romeo being banned forever seems like the worst thing that could ever happen to Juliet until she finds out what her father did.

Juliet had not told the world, or anyone, that she had gotten married. Juliet realizes that being with Romeo will be a large task because if he is spotted in the area he will be killed. The night after Romeo leaves she finds out that her father has pledged her to be married to Paris. She is heartbroken and terrified at the fact that her father gave her away to someone who she did not love at such a young age, especially since she