Romeo And Juliet Play Vs Movie Essay

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Romeo and Juliet: Play vs. Movie
One difference in the movie that is immediately apparent is the time period. In the movie Romeo and Juliet guns have replaced swords. The use of guns instead of swords shows that it is not the 15th century anymore, so you are not going to see a group of people walking around with swords. This makes the reactions of the fight and the scenes where swords were used more intense because one character could be a standing quite a few feet away from the character with a gun and still die from one shot fired. In the play Romeo and Juliet the characters had to stand closer to each other to be able to stab or swing their swords at the other to kill them. In the play Romeo and Juliet the families were just rivals for an unknown reason. While in movie Romeo and Juliet, they were rivaling businesses. The viewers could probably guess that their rivalry is about money and power. For example: The viewers... could say that the Capulets and the Montagues are selling the same product and want people to buy their product, so they can get all the money and power over the certain product they are selling.
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In the movie, Mercutio was a cross-dresser. In the play we got no indication that Mercutio was or may be a cross-dresser. In the play, Mercutio was a very lighthearted and funny guy who rarely took anything serious. In the movie, Mercutio was a funny person, but, Mercutio was more serious at certain times. Before the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt happened in the play, Mercutio was making many jokes at Tybalt until the fight actually started.While in the movie, Mercutio made very few jokes and was all serious throughout the rest of the fight. Baz did this to show viewers that he is a serious character and to make the scenes Mercutio was in tie into the tense tone of the movie compared to the play. While there are differences, the movie is still connected to the