Essay on Romeo and Juliet: Movie vs. Play

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Of all the treasures in the world, true love is of the most valued. They say that when you are truly in love, the universe around you simply stops, and no one else matters except you and your love. Love has the mesmerizing beauty of a stunning red rose, but it also has spiteful thorns surrounding it. But between friends and family, love can quickly go from black and white to shades of grey and can become fatal and suspenseful. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, portrays how an attraction between two strangers can also attract stupefying danger. With selfishness and greed love can turn sour and stray from its original, adoring passion. Love is as unpredictable as the raging sea beneath the silver moon‘s delicate rays. In an …show more content…
Romeo then takes revenge on Tybalt and kills him without thought and is banished to Mantua by the Prince. But as one tragedy ends, another begins. Juliet's father, Capulet, has promised his daughter to Count Paris, not knowing that Juliet has secretly married the son of his greatest enemy. Juliet becomes desperate and threatens to kill herself. Friar Lawrence quickly devises a cunning plan to keep her faithful to Romeo and alive. He hands her a potion that will give her the appearance of death for about forty-two hours. In the end miscommunication between the friar and Romeo brings upon the death of Count Paris as he visits Juliet's tomb along with Romeo. Romeo kills himself with poison from a poor apothecary in both versions of the tragic tale. In the movie, Paris does not visit her tomb or die, unlike in the play. Also, in the movie, Juliet wakes up in time to watch Romeo die, unlike in the play, where she awakes to find her true love dead and her fiancé murdered. In conclusion, Romeo and Juliet's relationship was based on mere infatuation and lust which was cleverly disguised as true love. They were both clearly shallow souls who fell in love with love and looks. Each too selfish to tell their parents and died foolishly. The movie, Romeo and Juliet had captured Romeo and Juliet's emotions and showed how bittersweet any kind of love can be if it is forbidden by anyone.
Romeo and Juliet is a