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Romulus, My Father Romulus, My Father written by Raimond Gaita was first published in 1998 based on a real life story that took place in Victoria, Australia. This novel has won the 1998 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award and successful leading to the release of a second book, After Romulus. Romulus, My Father focuses on the life of a migrant during World War 2 and the troubles they had to face in order to survive. With the story being told through the eyes of Raimond, we are placed on a rollercoaster with ups and downs from 1922 right through 1996. In the novel, Romulus my Father, Romulus is seen as an admirable character who has gone through many hardships and struggles throughout his life just for the sake of his son’s good. He was also a father who worked both day and night just to find enough money for his family. Early stages of the novel, Raimond Gaita introduces us to his mother, Christine who was described as the type who leave men head over heels for with her perfect complexion, however she would reckless and selfishly spend the amount of money her husband made on dresses for herself. It was later discovered that Christine soon felt lonely and pushed to her limits, as a result, she developed depression. Raimond never really approved his mother as he believed that it was her irresponsibility that caused him and his father to suffer. Belonging was something that Romulus’ family lacked in, not just physically but mentally. As pointed out before, Christine felt as if she didn’t belonged to anyone since her husband was away working, leaving her to look after Raimond. Thus the thought kept building up until it got to her. Hardship was something that all characters went through. Romulus having to go through the trouble of working as a blacksmith, Christine going through depression and having Raimond witness all of these first hand. However it was these hardships that made this book reliable as we all face difficulties in order to succeed. The book is welled structured starting from the