Ronald Reagan Leadership Analysis

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Often times those who have power become corrupt. However, there are people who have had power and have stayed humble, for example Ronald Reagan and Warren Buffett. Kate Marcus wrote an article about the 7 qualities of being a humble leader, and the Anarchist Notebook wrote an article about why power doesn’t corrupt. Marcus and The Anarchist Notebook articles, and how Ronald Reagan and Warren Buffett will all be proof of how power doesn’t corrupt those who have it. Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States. He was a B-grade Hollywood Star before he was a president. He grew up in a humble home with his alcoholic father. In high school he was an athlete, student body president, and performed in school productions. In college he went on an athletic scholarship and majored in economics and sociology. In college he played football, ran track, captained the swim team, served as student council president, and acted in school productions. Add on about Ronald Reagan. “Power does not corrupt a person’s character, it reveals it” (Notebook). No person …show more content…
They are; “1) Judge people by their strengths, not yours.” (Marcus). Not everyone has the same strengths as you, and if you expect them to more and more people will start to not like you. “2) Understand that success depends on understanding, releasing, focusing and developing talent in others. 3) Know yourself through habitual self-reflection. 4) Understand how others perceive you. A disconnect between the way you see yourself and others see you indicates lack of self-awareness.” (Marcus). 5) Thank people when they share their insights and provide feedback. Painful feedback is good. 6) Expect people to be their best. The guiding term is “their” best. 7) Create environments that nurture and protect excellence. Expect the most from yourself.”