Rudy Response Essay

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Isaiah Alapisco
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30 October 2014
Rudy Response
In the movie Rudy, the movie starts with three brothers and a freind playing football by the railroad tracks in the back of the house. In this scene we learn that Rudy, the main character, and his family are huge Notre Dame fans, that Rudy’s dream is to attend the university and play football for the Notre Dame Irish, and that his brothers treat him unfair and don’t believe in his dreams. Throughout the movie we start to feel sad for Rudy because believes in him except for his friend Pete. Nobody has hopes for Rudy, not his school, not his football team, not even his family. An example of this is when he wants to go visit Notre Dame, the school doesn’t let him because they don’t think he has the chance of making it. The most dramatic moment and the cause of him going to Notre Dame, was the death of Pete in an accident at the mill where they both worked.
The rising action of the movie were all the little things people told Rudy, that he will never go to Notre Dame or even junior college, because his grades are bad and nobody had any appreciation for him. His brothers treating him bad was a rising action. Pete was another rising action that caused to make his and go to college. Even before he left his dad told him to take a couple weeks and think this through, that all Rudy will do will cause trouble for the him and the people around him.

The most climactic moment in the movie is when…