STORA: 8 Stepss To Seed A DIPOMA

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4a. Register for remaining courses/other requirements
4b. Submit Changes and Substitutions

5. Clear up Holds – Maintain GPA – Pass Courses
7a. Degree Posted on Gold Link
7b. Degree Not Posted (Pending)
8. Contact Graduation to update Graduation Term
3. E-mail to Student /Advisor (Goldmail)
2. Degree Audit – Holds on GoldLink
1. Submit Intent to Graduate, Major/Minor Sheets

1. File intent, major, & minor forms by deadline…two semesters prior to anticipated graduation

2. Your graduation analyst completes the degree audit and places holds on GoldLink for all missing requirements. These holds can easily be found by clicking “View Holds” under the Student link on GoldLink. Don’t worry, these holds prevent only graduation; you can still register without any problem.

3. The analyst will then send an e-mail to your Goldmail account notifying you that your file has been reviewed and is either listed as APPROVED or INCOMPLETE. Your advisor will also be copied on this e-mail.

4a. If you have been APPROVED, register for remaining courses listed on your major and minor sheets, and make arrangements to complete the necessary requirements posted on your account.

4b. If you received an INCOMPLETE e-mail, please contact your analyst and advisor to resolve the issues. Any changes/substitutions, differentiations in original graduation plan MUST be communicated to the graduation office.

5. Graduation semester: your holds should have been cleared upon passing all coursework with acceptable grades and GPA requirements.

6. Students completing degree requirements in the spring term