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Transfer Frequently Asked Questions 1. Does Georgia Tech accept applications for each semester?
Yes, we accept applications for fall, spring, and summer semesters. Please refer to the Application Timetable on the Transfer Admission website to be sure to get your application and documents submitted on time. 2. Are late applications accepted?
Due to the large volume of applications received for each term, only applications received on time and with all requirements met by the Document Deadline will be reviewed for admission consideration. 3. Does it matter whether I attended a public or private college or a two-year or four-year college?
We do not favor one type of school over another. The rigor of the coursework chosen, as well as your performance in those courses relative to other applicants, will have the biggest impact on your competitiveness for admission. However, the college or university must be accredited by one of several regional accrediting agencies. Coursework from any college must be deemed equivalent to Georgia Tech's curriculum in order to apply towards the admission requirements. Please see the Transfer Equivalencies table for previously reviewed courses from many U.S. colleges and universities. 4. Does Georgia Tech accept credits from online courses?
Georgia Tech generally does not accept online coursework for admission or transfer credit purposes. However, there are some exceptions; check the Transfer Equivalencies table for specific schools and courses. 5. Will grades transfer to Georgia Tech?
No, but grades are computed into the Overall and combined Math/Science GPAs for the transfer admission consideration. 6. Do I need to submit SAT or other test scores?
No, Georgia Tech does not require test scores such as SAT, ACT, or TOEFL for transfer admission consideration. 7. Do I have to submit a high school transcript?
No, high school transcripts are not required unless specifically requested by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. You will be contacted if this document is required at any point in the application process. 8. Will my AP, IB, or SAT Subject Exam credit transfer?
Yes, provided that the credit shows on your college transcript and the coursework is transferable to Georgia Tech. If not, you may submit your AP scores to us and credit will be awarded if the scores meet our requirements. You may also use AP credits toward fulfillment of the specific courses required for admission but must complete at least 30 semester (or 45 quarter) hours of actual in-class course credits in addition to any AP course credits. For a complete list of applicable placement tests and required scores visit our advanced course credit section. 9. I have not completed all of the required courses. Can I just take them when I get to Georgia Tech?
No, all required courses must be completed at another college BEFORE a decision will be made on your application. Please refer to the Course Requirements by Major chart. 10. Why is there a “one-term” gap between when I finish the required courses and when I can possibly start at Georgia Tech?
A significant amount of time and energy is required by multiple offices on the Georgia Tech campus to get a new student started. There is not enough time between two consecutive semesters to receive and evaluate transcripts, make admission decisions, have transfer credits evaluated, assign registration ticket times, and take care of all auxiliary services (such as housing, parking, and immunization records) needed for new students. Accepted students CAN continue taking courses at their current schools in the interim term and are encouraged to contact a Georgia Tech departmental academic advisor for assistance in ensuring that all courses transfer and apply toward the Tech degree. 11. Do I have to take Linear Algebra with my Calculus II?
Most other colleges and universities do not teach Linear Algebra with Calculus II as Georgia Tech