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A01 - Safe working practices in a business environment
The students going on the French trip for their work experience needs to understand safe working practices when using ICT in a business environment.
Prepare some text to explain, using examples, measures that should be taken to ensure safe working practices when using ICT in a business environment. In your explanation you must include the potential danger that each measure is designed to address.
The examples you give might include images showing safe/dangerous working practices and annotated screenshots of examples drawn from your own experience of when you have used the measures in your own work.
Protecting health
• Ergonomic designs of equipment and furniture.
Ergonomic is the science concerned for the design safety and comfortable machine for use by people for example equipment and furniture u would need to use like a mouse and a keyboard. There are some tips u need to know to work safe.
1. To prevent headache and eyestrain while using the computer it helps to have the right lighting, this also help from neck strain.

Positioning of equipment
All equipment used must be a certain distance away from you 75cm is the appropriate distance for example keyboard telephone etc. When sitting on your desk keep other equipment further away from you. if you don't position your equipment properly it can conclude in things falling over, things being tightly put together and overheating, which may result in fire and it helps you when you are working so that you no were everything is so that you don't get stressed.

• Posture
Many people using the computer suffer from serious back ache by poor posture or an awkward while sitting on a computer.
This can be prevent this by using a fully adjusted chair the height of the chair and the seat position must be easy to change.
While using your computer your monitor must be adjustable it must be positioned so that the neck have to bend.
While sitting in front of the computer never slouch sit with your back straight and head up.

• taking regular breaks/ change of activity
Taking regular breaks during the workday is a valuable habit to get into. When a person puts their entire focus heavily ingrained in work, the brain or body can become tired and it can impact the quality of work produced. It can also affect levels of productivity.

• Eye sight checks
After staring at a computer so long your eye sight can become strained especially at night or in bad light or if the screen is blurry. Also your eye becomes sore and dry if you starring at the computer for so long. Symptoms are itching eyes, double vision and headache.
To prevent are this you should use monitors that don’t flick , keep your eyes 18inches away from the screen, use blinds and must importantly drink plenty