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HA - 490 Hospitality Sales Management Big Project #1

Hotel and Restaurant Management Research & Inventory Your Skills – Specifications & Grading Matrix
Alexander Hamm
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Northern Arizona University

Mr. Richard McNeil Jr.
February 22, 2015
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Table of content

1 Executive Summary 3
2 Introduction 4
3 A Successful life 4
3.1 Knowing 4
3.2 Growing 5
3.3 Sowing 6
4 Body 7
4.1 Professional Management 7
4.2 Personal Management 7
4.3 Product/Service Management 8
4.4 Customer Management 8
4.5 Presentation Management 9
4.6 After-Sale Management 10
4.7 Metrics and Evaluation Management 10
4.8 Continuous Quality Improvement Management 11
5 Summary 12

1 Executive Summary
Due to my passion working in bars and serving others I got the idea of studying hospitality management at a very early age. I grew up with my mom, who also saw my passion for it, and therefore gave me the opportunity to work in that industry, even she did not want it at first. Therefore I have gained experience in the hospitality sector by doing several internships at nearby hotels and besides that working in several bars. As in almost no other service sector there is the possibility to meet international customers and create great relationships. My studies at the International University of Bad Honnef – Bonn, a half year abroad internship in South Africa and this exchange year at Northern Arizona University confirmed this and gave me the necessary knowledge through a lot of practical training. This motivated me even more to grow my career path in the hospitality industry, more specific in the Front Office or Sales & Marketing department of a well-established luxury hotel company that offers good career growth with the opportunity to advance and progress to positions of leadership and responsibility. As I am currently a senior in college I will soon have to go into the application process. This paper is going to help me reveal my opinion of a successful life and summarizing my strength and weaknesses. Not only is this paper required for my Hotel Group Sales Management class, it is a good preparation for me, knowing my strength and weaknesses. I hope this exercise will getting more confident and reveal aspects of me I still have to work on.
2 Introduction
So far, my life is exactly how I wanted it to be. Many people would love to turn back time and would love to change some things they have done wrong in the past, but not me. All the mistakes and turns that I took brought me right here, where I am. And that’s exactly what I want and what I love. I learned so much from all of that, and only because I took those turns, I was able to see where it was that I wanted to go. Therefore I can only hope that my future decisions will be as good as those that I made. My strategy how to achieve success is hard work, being focused on what I what to achieve, and always be persistent.
3 A Successful life
3.1 Knowing
I am a very straight forward and goal-oriented person. This influences the purpose and vision I have for my life. I noticed at a very early age that I see my purpose in “serving others” in terms of delivering great experiences and hospitality. So I like cooking for friends and family or just being a good host. Unfortunately this conflicts which a lot of other visions I see in my life. I am definitely a person attached to my family as I grew up with a big family. There I see the first conflict as it is really hard for me to be away from my family. Additionally I see it as a difficulty in raising an own family while striving for a challenging career in the hospitality industry. However, my six month internship as a cross trainee of a five star Guesthouse where I had to work between ten and fourteen hours a day on a daily basis, showed me that this kind of industry is where I see myself for the rest of my life. I never had the feeling that I have to work as I loved what I did. I believe most people see one purpose in life in