Selling Executives on Project Management Essay

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Selling Executives on Project Management
This case focuses on Levon Corporation. For almost two decades the Levon Corporation has been successful at acquiring contracts until recently. In the past Levon has been awarded contracts through competitive bidding .Unfortunately for Levon, the contract acquisition criteria has changed and their perspective clients are now requesting information about their project management capability.
This is not the first time Levon has been approached about project management according to the text. Levon’s sales and marketing teams has continuously expressed their concern and interest in project management being implemented within the company. Unfortunately they received no consideration from the executive team.
Eventually the executives reluctantly brought in a project management consultant. I will explore two reasons why the executives did not listen to their employees, but a consultant.
The first reason is that they had no trouble acquiring contracts until recently. The definition of a business is: the purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit( The executive committee’s main responsibility is to make sure that the company is remaining profitable. When the company’s profitability is in jeopardy it is the executive committee’s responsibility to act. The fact that Lenovo group was being downgraded in proposal evaluation was a big indicator to the executive committee. Due to this reason project management became a