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2. How would you define sales ethics, and why is this topic receiving so much attention today?

The definition of sales ethics
Ethics is to describe the moral content of human behavior (Hair etc. al. 2009). There are four basic type of ethical code about a company's business operations, namely company codes, professional codes, business association codes and advisory group codes (Hair etc. al. 2009). Sales ethics can be said that the moral content of the company, sales managers and sales people when they conduct sales activities.

In my opinion, companies themselves, sales managers, salespeople are the main executor to develop and implement sales ethics. Company to develop a code of ethics for employees to know and regulate sales practices. Sales managers promote and implement the company's code of ethics and sales people perform these sales ethics. Of course, due to most of sales activities to be implemented by sales people, they as boundary spanners need to take more sales ethics responsibilities and obligations.

The reasons why sales ethics receive so much attention
I think that there are tow main reasons to influence people to pay attention in sales ethics. The first, in the business market, unethical sales activities still exist. Second, the unethical sales activities are very serious dangers.

From company,sales people selling products to the needs of customers, in order to earn a profit for the company. Some companies in order to pursue economic interests and increase profits, so that they will produce and sell low quality or harmful products. Then, some companies excessively to adjust the price of a product or service, in order to pursue the greater profits and fight against commercial rivals. Some companies will raise prices excessively to gain more economic benefits, when the product of the supply-demand relationship changed. In addition, some companies deliberately significantly lower prices in order to combat or malicious damage to commercial rivals, which is also unethical. Finally, in the sales process, sales people conceal the true information of product or service, such as quality, performance and price, to seduce and deceive consumers to purchase products or services is unethical sales activities.

The company or sales people’s unethical sales practices will cause a negative impact in society. Moreover, in some special industry, unethical sales practices will disrupt normal social order. For example, when an influenza epidemic, some