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Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Planning principles and range of tools and techniques used at McDonalds 4 2.1. Planning principles and Processes used in development of Marketing Strategy for McDonalds 4 2.2. Porter’s five forces model determining the strategic options 6 2.2.1. Threat to new entry: 7 2.2.2. Threat to substitute products: 7 2.2.3. Bargaining power of the customers: 7 2.2.4. Bargaining power of the suppliers: 7 2.2.5. Competition: 7 2.3. SWOT analysis technique and its usage 8 2.3.1. Internal Audit 8 2.3.1. External Audit 9 3. Marketing strategy options 11 3.1. Advantages and Disadvantages of two different
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Perceptual mapping technique is one of the most important techniques that describe position of the brand as compared to the position of competitors. In the context of Pakistan, the following figure shows the actual standing of McDonalds relative to its major competitors that are KFC, Pizza hut, and Domino’s.
Pizza Hut
High value proposition


High Price
Competitive Price


Low Value proposition

Figure 2.1: Perceptual Map of McDonalds
Strategic Marketing Process:
This is one of the most detailed processes which includes series of steps that are important in development of strategies and describes the ways to implement these strategies. Business model is developed which compiles all the key partners, key activities and key resources of the company. In addition to this, the functional areas of the company are evaluated and all the gaps that are present within and outside the business surroundings are evaluated. In the later steps, SWOT analysis and SPACE analysis is conducted which gives direction to the company. Various strategic options are evaluated and on the basis of their relative strengths, the best alternative is selected. 3.2. Porter’s five forces model determining the strategic options
Porter’s generic model is developed by Michael Porter in order to determine the strategic alternatives available for the company. It is not