Sam Houston Characteristics

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Sam Houston was a very important man in history, and especially Texas’ history. His many characteristics are some reasons for his significance. Though he had many characteristics, there are characteristics of his that stand out. Three of Sam Houston’s many characteristics were that he was a determined, courageous, and indecisive person.
Sam Houston was a determined man because he made sure he accomplished what he wanted to do. One thing that Sam Houston was determined to do was to learn law. He read all law books in just 6 months, then was elected to become a district attorney. Another example of Houston being determined was when he was a bit younger at the age of 16. He decided to learn the customs of the Cherokee Indians. He was determined to learn the customs and language and learned fluent Cherokee. He lived in eastern Tennessee with Cherokee Indians and was given the name “Black Raven”. Houston even wore traditional Cherokee clothing to government meetings in Washington, D.C.
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He was courageous in many different ways. One way he was courageous is that he stood up for what he believed in and for what he believed was right. For example, he went to Mexico (Texas) and protested the immigration law because he wanted to fight for what he believed in and what he thought was right. In the 1830’s and 40’s, even though Houston was a Mexican citizen, he showed his faithfulness towards Texas and helped Texas out a lot by being a commander of a Texan army. This shows how Houston fought for what he believed in and helped Texas go against Mexico even though he was a Mexican citizen. Another example of him fighting for what he believed in and being courageous is that although he owned slaves and lived in the South, he believed in preserving the Union. Despite what other people thought he had the courage to continue to believe and fight for what he believed in and thought was