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Macklemore’s music video of
‘Same Love’ focuses on the struggles of same­sex marriage equality, he highlights this voiceless phenomena shown through aspects such as symbolism, lighting, lyrics and camera shots. We gather that Macklemore’s intention is to assist people to gain courage to spark change with serenity and hope, in support of legalizing same­sex marriages in America in reference out of his own frustration with societies positions on homosexuality and references to the Bible. The clip allows us to become aware of emotional aspects behind patterns and behaviors within the mainstream of society, with this understanding it allows us freedom to change those patterns. In the opening sequence, the camera is looking up towards the harsh light. This is a significant aspect as it symbolizes the harsh light and judgements associated with equal marriage. The harsh light is so bright, it is almost blinding.It conveys how blinded some are to not recognize that it is the ‘ same love’ ,that homosexuals too, can share unconditional love for one another. The mobile phone the boy uses further conveys isolation as it is a form of communication and is relevant to the target audience. It shows he is reaching out, with his voice not yet being heard, highlighting this voiceless phenomena being too scared to embrace their emotions and be who they are. The waving of the American flags is also noticed at the wedding after party and in a series of flash backs which are shown in monochrome. The flags in the flashbacks are a symbol of change that has already taken place as a part of American history, we see African Americans who were discriminated that fought and gained justice in the same sequence for comparison, symbolizing not only change for them but suggesting and encouraging change that can uprise today for same­sex marriages to be legalized in America and acceptance within society. Lighting is used to set the tone for each scene to add to contrast, the lighting throughout the clip seems to be relatively high key
, for example, in the chapel scene the lighting is extremely high key
, adding to uplifting feeling of romance. In comparison, many scenes remain low key in relation to struggles faced by the boy himself and them two as a couple. In one scene we see the two gentleman holding hands as they walk down the street, low key lighting is used to reflect the intimidation they feel as we sense a shift in the atmosphere, changing the tone of which shifted after passing the heterosexual couple. Lyrics are used to help develop our understanding of what is being shown. The lyrics ‘God loves all his children is somehow forgotten, but we paraphrase a book written thirty­five hundred years ago’ refers to the fact that many conservative christians have the tendency to pick and choose verses from the Bible. The Bible both condemns homosexuality and promotes love of all God’s children. Here, Macklemore joins a long list of critics who point out that there are many things forbidden in the Bible that hardly get the negative attention that homosexuality receives. These lyrics are a comparison and also a question as to why