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Most of you are forgetting the reason for this debate. It is not to criticize the beliefs that one has on same sex couples and if it is right or wrong. This is about the children and their welfare. Take a moment to think of which situation you would rather see, a young child in foster care. With the 10 other kids he shares room and board wearing the hand me downs and same too small shoes or a gay couple with a well taken care of child. That will get a hot meal and shoes that fit. Seeing a child with s couple that genuinely love the child and wants to see them prosper in the future or be with the care of fosters homes mainly focused on the large lump sum of money they receive monthly that 90% of doesn’t go towards the children at all. Over half of the children in foster care suffer from chronicle medical conditions. Half of all the children 5 years and under have developmental issues and 80% of all children in foster care have serious emotional medical problems. Research indicates that kids of gay couples show few differences in achievement; as a matter of fact children of same sex couples may have an advantage of being more open minded, tolerant, patient, and even better role models. A report on the 2000 census showed about 65,000 children lived with same sex couple and by 2010 110,000. Children growing up in same sex households actually show great social and mental health advances. Studies show gay parents tend to be more motivated and committed to raising a child than a…