Essay on Same Sex Marriages

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Elizabeth Gang
WRT 105: Jump-start
4 October 2010

Same Sex Marriage What is true love without marriage? Imagine falling in love with someone who is kind, patient, caring and very loving and compassionate. You dream of getting married and spending the rest of your life in true testament to your love and dedication to each other. Most people grow up with the vision of two people of the opposite sex getting married. The normal progression would be to get engaged, get married, have a family and live happily-ever after. However, Homosexual couples have a harder time of fulfilling their happy-ending because of the law. Married homosexuals were not common years ago, but these past century homosexual’s couples have been more accepted in mainstream society. Undoubtedly, you cannot avoid the topic of homosexuality; it’s in the newspaper, magazines and movies, books, on television, in songs and even in our politics. In our society homosexuals are viewed adversely, although there are many people accepting of homosexuality there are still many people who find it disturbing. The media has portrayed many views on same sex marriages. Many religions view this a s sinful and most prominently the Catholic Church has taken a strong stance on the topic. The Bible makes it clear that sin involves choice, and homosexuality is a sin. “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, nor Madam and Eve.”(Lamont, 1) When the news media involves church views on this topic it gives a negative perspective on Homosexuals. News media brings out many views on same sex marriages therefore it gives people different perspectives on homosexuality and same sex marriages. Within the past ten years, homosexuality has become one of the most talked about topics. This once frowned upon topic is now more accepted in society as homosexuals feel more comfortable and open with their sexuality. There are many reasons for the shift in society’s opinion on same sex marriage is the of impact of new shows on American television which have many gay roles. The shows give homosexuals courage to be able to be who they really are; humorous, serious, compassionate, gifted, successful, talented and loving. Movies also have become more open to gay-themed or gay characters, which tend to mock the homosexual stereotypes in our society. Hollywood portrays homosexuals in both negative and positive ways; which gives viewers many different perceptions on homosexuality. Lady Gaga even wrote a song “Born this Way” for homosexuals because she believes that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Although many homosexuals did not even like this song, she has a made a point to all younger generations, gay or not, that it is okay to be yourself. Some homosexuals do have the courage to stand out; there are many gay magazines that portray the lives of homosexuals. The Advocate is one magazine which portrays gay’s as fun, sexy, party animals and illustrates their intelligence and passion for politics. Many people who were unresponsive toward homosexual rights and same sex marriage issues could not help but to get immersed into the debate. The media definitely brought this topic into discussion in the past elections; but it has also caused people to side with the issue. Hawaii was the first state to recognize same-sex marriages, a Honolulu judge ruled a law only permitting opposite sex marriages. Baehr v. Lewin was a Supreme Court case that ruled under the state constitution same sex marriages aggregated sex discrimination. In Romer v. Evans, a Supreme Court case that cracks down on Colorado's 2nd Amendment, which denied homosexuals protection against discrimination, calling them “special rights.” In 2003, Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court ruled that sodomy laws in the United States are unconstitutional. The liberty of American citizens presumes a freedom of one’s beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and expressions. The expectation is lawmakers will pass laws that enable individuals to tell